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1. What does the product contain?

Products contain data files and data description files. The data description files explain the data fields and data formats to help you understand the meaning of the data.

2. Is the data 100% accurate?

Our data comes from the official website, but the official also collects data from all places, so the accuracy of the data cannot be 100% guaranteed.

3. When was the data last updated? How often is it updated?

The time and frequency of postal code data update in various countries are uncertain. For the latest update time, please refer to the country’s postal code database page. The data update frequency is updated irregularly. We will update as appropriate after the official website releases the update.

4. What is the data format?

Usually we provide data files in xls, csv and txt formats. However, some countries has large amout of postal code data, the xls format will lost some record, so some countries only provide csv and txt format.

5. How to pay for the product online and download it?

You can click How to buy and access our product? to get help.

6. When and How can you get the data by other payment methods?

After you pay, please send your payment infomation and item name ,total amount to,we will check the order and send you the data as soon as possible.

7. How to choose the data format?

Each country's postal code data file provides multiple formats, but the content of each format is the same. Basically, you can use Microsof Excel to open the csv file to read and edit.

8. About language encoding

Because the language of each country is different, it may cause the opened file to display garbled characters. If you encounter garbled characters in the content of the data file, you need to select a different character encoding format so that the reader can display the language normally.

The character encoding of some countries is given below as a reference. You can also search online to find the corresponding language character code.

Norway: ISO/IEC 8859-14

Korea: EUC-KR, IBM-949

Turkey: ISO 8859-9, ISO 8859-3

Finland: ISO 8859-1

Iceland: IBM 278

9. Why will the price change?

The price of data is set based on the size of the data, data acquisition and manual processing costs. We will control the price of the data within a reasonable range to ensure the best quality with good price.

10. Is there a notification after data update?

The data is updated from time to time, and there will be email notification after the update. Generally, the data can be downloaded within one month after the data is purchased. If the data is updated during this period, the new data can be downloaded for free. If it is not within this period, the new data can be purchased at a discounted price.

11. Do you provide an invoice?

Yes, invoices can be provided. After purchasing the data, if you need an invoice, you can send information to to apply.

12. If you can’t download the data after payment, how can you solve it?

If you can't download after payment, please don't worry. Send your payment infomation to We will check the order and reply you ASAP.

13. If you buy the wrong product, how to deal with it?

Please check all infomation before you place the order. Because data is special product, payment will not be returned back after you download. Any more question, kindly contact with us.

For any questions about our products before and after purchase, please feel free to contact us at: