There are 1223 items in the Thailand postcode database, you may download all data after payment.

Product Description

  • Product Name : Thailand Postcode Database
  • SKU : zipcode-tha
  • Delivery Method : Download
  • Item Availability : OnlineOnly
  • Delivery Time : Instant
  • Payment Method : PayPal
  • Country / Region : Thailand
  • Abbreviation : THA
  • Abbreviation 2 : TH

  • Data Language : Default (English (EN)/Thai (TH))
  • File Format : csv, xlsx, txt
  • File Size : 353 KB (ZIP File)
  • Catalog : Series Countries / Regions
  • Example Website : Thailand
  • Sell Price :USD $ 19.99
  • Latest Update :Apr-2021

  • Thailand
Field List

  • จังหวัด
  • changwat
  • อำเภอ
  • Amphoe/Khet
  • กิ่งอำเภอ
  • subdivision
  • pos
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Thailand Postcode Database The following is Thailand Postcode Database's product sample data, you can download the free sample sheet to get an overview of Thailand Postcode.
Sample File: Thailand_postal_code_database_sample.csv
More Information

This product contains two files, which are Thailand Postal Code Database, Data specification file (PDF). Thailand postal code data has a total of 1,223 items, including provinces, districts, sub-districts and other information. The data comes from the Thailand Post official website. The latest update time is 2021. After purchasing the data, you can log in to your account to download all the data, and the validity period is 1 month.
As a knowledge product, the database has a certain particularity. Please read the purchase instructions carefully before purchasing. Once the product is sold, the fee will not be refunded.Our data comes from the Thailand official, analyzed and processed by specialized technician to form the final database document. The data is for personal use only. Do not copy, disseminate, download, store, or use it publicly. The interpretation right of the Thailand postal code database belongs to Wuhan Duoku Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Envelope Example
Thailand Envelope Example
For more explanation, please read the official document: tha.pdf . (English)